I am trying to get some features from GeoServer if they are inside a certain area, after making a request to the local GeoServer I get the following error:

org.opengis.referencing.NoSuchAuthorityCodeException: No authority was defined for code "-5398011,-3010158,-5446939,-3010158". Did you forget "AUTHORITY:NUMBER"?

I got those coordinates in the dragbox end function of OpenLayers:

dragBox.on("boxend", function () {
  var rotation = map.getView().getRotation();
  var oblique = rotation % (Math.PI / 2) !== 0;
  var candidateFeatures = oblique ? [] : selectedFeatures;
  var alimentadores = [];
  var equipamentos = [];
  var bbox = dragBox.getGeometry().getCoordinates();
...url = ...+ "&BBOX=" +    extent.join(",") 

The request URL:



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The bbox should be the extent of the dragbox geometry, not its coordinates. You should also specify its projection code, which will be your view projection

var extent = dragBox.getGeometry().getExtent();

url = ... + "&BBOX=" + extent.join(",") + ',' + map.getView().getProjection().getCode();

A bbox is defined by 4 numbers, the lower left x and y and the upper right x and y coordinates.

Also your coordinates are not in epsg:4326 so you probably want to add an srs code in the form epsg:xxxxx to the end of the bbox

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