I have an issue that I have been struggling with and I'll try to explain without getting too confusing. I have an AXF that is displaying only some of the fields in a related table on the default attributes page for related tables. So here are the details, I have 6 fields in the related table and a relationship class that relates the table to the relationship class. Here are the specifics of the relationship; feature class is the origin, related table is the destination, relationship is composite, messages are forward, 1-M, Primary key is GlobalID (GUID) to AuditID (GUID). The AXF is checked out from ArcMap. When I open the AXF in ArcPad 8, and select a feature to view the related table attribute page, the list view page is only displaying 4 of the 6 fields (Inspector - text field, Pass/Fail - coded domain, contractor - coded domain, and comments - text field). When I switch to single line view to add data, the only fields I see are Inspector, Pass/Fail and contractor. The comments field is not displayed (even though it was displayed on the list view page). The other fields in the table (AuditID - GUID primary key, AuditDate - date) are never displayed on either view of the attributes table. When I first developed the related tables and relationships, everything was working as expected with related table fields displaying in ArcPad. When I created the production version of the geodatabase and added the related tables and relationships, things are not displaying the same. Any yes, I created the prod database the same way I create the development one. If any one has any insight or an answer to what could be happening, I would really appreciate the help. My client is waiting for this application and I need to get out to the customer ASAP.



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my first guess would be either something to do with field type, a problem with software version creation/viewing, or utf encoding. Without knowing more about the software environment that is about as good as I can do.

  • Thanks for the response Brad. I got it working. I ended up deleting the relationship class and the table and rebuilt them and it works fine. I'm still curious on why just started working though since I built them the exact same way both times.
    – Tim
    Dec 3, 2010 at 13:20

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