I have a geoserver with a postgis database on one server and an Java application on a different server.

Now I need to connect these two servers so that the Java application can manage (create, alter and remove features) on the geo server.

I thought about implementing REST web services for the communication between the servers. But then I thought that WFS-T could be sufficient. Now the question.

Are there any Java client implementations for WFS-T available?


The GeoTools library supports WFS-T.

By using the class org.geotools.data.wfs.WFSDataStoreFactory you can connect to a WFS service. A transaction can be created using any class that implements the interface org.geotools.data.Transaction, for instance, the class org.geotools.data.DefaultTransaction.

GeoTools has also classes that will allow you to work with features, filters and expressions.

An example of WFS-T update request using GeoTools can be found here.

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