I am very new to QGIS and GIS generally.

In the recent past I have worked with another company (ArcGIS users) with mobile phone based field app (Collector) to GPS locate position for pre-planned boreholes, logging the bore soil, i.e., depth below ground level, soil type classification, colour, moisture, etc, add a photo of bore/soil core.

Can the same be done using QGIS and QField?

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    Yes! And it is so much simpler than Collector... No licenses or cloud that complicates things. But Collector is easy to backup, just tap a button when you have an Internet Connection. In QField our users are copy pasting the geopackage where the data is stored to backup. But there might be a simpler way I dont know of...
    – BERA
    Aug 16, 2021 at 5:27

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QGIS and QField are highly configurable tools that can be adjusted for many different possibilities. The attribute types you describe here normally fall into the currently available possibilities.

There are a number of case studies one of them related to geology in the QField documentation.

You can get inspired by them and follow up with more specific questions on one of the support channels.

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