I have a shapefile that contains data for both sides of the Greenwich meridian.

According to ogrinfo, this shapefile has the extents of (-9.298157, 35.265607) - (4.327108, 45.046054). I want to copy all data in the bounding box (42.5, -0.5) - (43.5, 1). But using ogr2ogr, I got an empty shapefile (it had just 100 bytes …)! I used the following command:

ogr2ogr -progress -spat 42.5 -0.5 43.5 1 outfile.shp infile.shp

If ogr2ogr does not understand negative coordinates, then how do I get that data out of that shapefile?

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    Perhaps there really is no data inside this small area even though the extent is greater? Aug 16 at 23:10
  • You probably have your coordinates in the wrong order. ogrinfo says "-9.298157, 35.265607" etc but you pass "42.5, -0.5" etc... Try -spat -0.5 42.5 1 43.5
    – user2856
    Aug 17 at 8:03
  • @user2856 OMG I'm dumb - that did the trick !
    – Programmer
    Aug 17 at 16:14

As pointed out by @user2856, ogr2ogr does understand negative coordinates - I only specified the coordinates in the wrong order. The correct and working command is:

ogr2ogr -progress -spat -0.5 42.5 1 43.5 outfile.shp infile.shp

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