I have a street network from many of links in a PostgreSQL table. Some links have no connection to the network. I want to isolate these links from the network. Each link has a geometry (geom) and id column.

How can I get the linkids from the network, which don't touch any other links? Maybe the function is st_touches, but how can I ask this on the whole network from each link?

enter image description here


On a properly noded network, you could use also use st_intersects

So, one could select all records where no other records (with a different ID) intersects. It would be querying the same layer twice:

SELECT l1.id
FROM links l1
  FROM links l2
  WHERE l1.id != l2.id
  AND ST_INTERSECTS(l1.geom, l2.geom)
  • I have a mistake of thought: the lines can be compound from more than one links. For my problem i need two steps. Step 1 should be to union all links touching the links tehreafter or bevor. After that in Step 2 isolate the links that have no connections to the network. How can i union the contiguous links to one line ?
    – Tibor
    Aug 19 at 15:33
  • You can use ST_LineMerge with ST_Collect to merge contiguous lines (keeping nodes of degree > 2). The downside is that this loses attribution on the lines.
    – dr_jts
    Aug 21 at 3:03

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