How to make Leaflet markers go to unique link? Currently marker.on near the bottom gets the same link for each marker. I would like it to assign the corresponding link from var data for each. Cannot change the formatting too much as it links to other javascript pages as well

//sample data values for populate map
var data = [
    {"loc":[43.0680798,-89.4083302], "title":"Jordan's Big Ten Pub", "link":"Jordans_Big_Ten_Pub.html", "nid":"0"},
            {"loc":[43.0678893,-89.4064022], "title":"The Red Zone Madison", "link":"The_Red_Zone_Madison.html", "nid":"1"},
            {"loc":[43.0747636,-89.38156], "title":"Tipsy Cow", "link":"Tipsy_Cow.html", "nid":"52"}

var map = new L.Map('map', {zoom: 14, center: new L.latLng(43.072, -89.39) });  //set center from first location

map.addLayer(new L.TileLayer('https://{s}.tile.openstreetmap.org/{z}/{x}/{y}.png'));    //base layer
var markersLayer = new L.LayerGroup();  //layer contain searched elements
var controlSearch = new L.Control.Search({
    layer: markersLayer,
    initial: false,
    zoom: 19,
    marker: false

map.addControl( controlSearch );

////////////populate map with markers from sample data
for(i in data) {
    var title = data[i].title,  //value searched
        loc = data[i].loc,
        j=data[i].nid,      //position found
        marker = new L.Marker(new L.latLng(loc), {title: title}, {win_url: data[i].link } );//se property searched
    marker.bindPopup('title: '+ title  );
    **marker.on('click', function(){window.location=(data[j].link)});**
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This could be done with your custom option win_url, but option must not be declared as a separate object, it has to be declared together with standard options. Code could then look something like this:

for (i in data) {
  var title = data[i].title,
    loc = data[i].loc,
    marker = new L.Marker(new L.latLng(loc), {
      title: title,
      win_url: data[i].link
  marker.bindPopup('title: '+ title  );
  marker.on('click', function(evt){
    window.location = evt.target.options.win_url;

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