Does anyone know how to visualize in QGIS, in a group of points with an associated date, the point corresponding to the last date?

For example, a vector layer with 4 points:

id Name Date
1 Joana 2021-04-03
2 Rita 2020-12-05
3 Nuno 2021-01-12
4 Mary 2020-10-09

I just want to view the most recent date point, i.e. point 1.


If you have a field called Date which is a Date type, then you can use a "Categorized" style with this expression:

to_datetime("Date") = maximum("Date")

this will be 1 for features at the maximum date value and zero otherwise. Hit "Classify" and disable display of the zero category. Style the one category however:

enter image description here

Note how maximum("Date") is a "DateTime" type so you have to convert your "Date" to a "DateTime" type or the comparison doesn't work because your date is a "Date" type. Or at least the data I made up was, I used the "Date" type in the attribute field.

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