I'd like to create a random-point-vector-file from a classified raster with a given number of points per class.

I found several solutions or tool recommendations in diverse forums. But, all these approaches required to convert the raster into a (classified) polygone vector-file in advance. Within half a day I could not find any tool/approach without that detour.

Is there any tool by which it is possible to generate random points directly from a classified raster?

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Within the EnMAP-Box plugin you'll find a tool that is called Random points from Classification.

It's a quite basic tool:

You can specify

  • your raster,
  • the number of random points per class, and
  • the type of vector output. That's it.

You can't

  • integrate a mask,
  • specify differing numbers per class,
  • specify the number of search attmpts,
  • specify the minimum distance between points or
  • any other extras.

This might be enough for one or another task but is not a comprehensive 'random-points-directly-from-raster-tool'.

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