I want to add additional speed values to my OSM data. There is a maxspeed value for some of the roads, but a lot of values are 'null'. Therefore, I would like to add additional values based on the OSM road type categorisation (e.g primary roads have a maximum speed of 90 in case the maxspeed value is 'null'). That way, I can make isochrone analysis based on more accurate maxspeed inputs.

So I tried the following in a virtual field of the OSM data using the expression builder:

If("maxspeed"is null) AND ("highway" =   'primary' ),90, if("maxspeed"is null) AND ("highway" =  'secondary'),50,  "maxspeed")

This should then be done for every category, but the formula is not working. Could anyone help me out?

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    Your brackets don't make sense, otherwise the expression is solid. Still, it would be easier to use CASE WHEN instead of if - less nesting.
    – Erik
    Aug 31, 2021 at 10:34

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As Erik suggests, a CASE WHEN statement works fine.

      WHEN "maxspeed" IS null AND "highway" = 'primary' THEN 90 
      WHEN "maxspeed" IS null AND "highway" = 'secondary' THEN 50 
      ELSE "maxspeed" 

Looks like your brackets are no good.

You can try:

IF("maxspeed" is null AND "highway" = 'primary',   90,
IF("maxspeed" is null AND "highway" = 'secondary', 50, "maxspeed") )

But the CASE WHEN answer is more clear.

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