Is it possible to have two different coverage layers in the QGIS 3.18 Print composer Atlas settings, that differing map windows follow?

I am creating a multi-panel chart and would like 3 of my 4 panels to follow different locations based on a points shapefile. This I've managed to achieve with the atlas generator following their real-world positions. However, I also have a fourth panel that is a profiles panel (showing depth) that is using pseudo-positioned data at 0,0 to create an artifical line chart.

I would like to only show the correct profile for each location as determined by the atlas which I've done using a rule-based symbology but ideally I'd like these profiles to always been in the centre of the fourth panel map view. At the moment I have the min and max Y values and have the map set to those, this always displays the data but the height in the map window is variable. In the image below for this location it is centred but sometimes it's at the bottom sometimes the top.

enter image description here

Is there a way to have a second coverage layer to get it to centre on these locations in the fourth map panel, while still keeping the first three following the points at their actual eastings and northigns coordinates? alternatively a way to set the 4th map panel to centre on the average Y position of the visible data forgoing the need for a 2nd atlas?



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