I understand that the function Populate_Geometry_Columns() inserts records in the geometry_columns table for geometry columns that are not yet listed there. However, an invocation of Probe_Geometry_Columns() reports:

select probe_geometry_columns();
 probed:1086 inserted:0 conflicts:1086 stale:53612
(1 row)

This is after a call to Populate_Geometry_Columns(). Is there an easy/documented way how to get rid of the conflicts and the stale entries?

This has been posted a while ago to dba.sx with no replies: https://dba.stackexchange.com/q/14975/6934.


There's not a function from within postgis to do what you're talking about. But you have three options that I see:

First, just truncate geometry_columns, then re-run SELECT probe_geometry_columns(). If that's too frightening, then:

Second, you can do this with a bit of introspection. This should work:

DELETE FROM geometry_columns g
   (SELECT 1 from information_schema.columns as c
     JOIN geometry_columns g ON 
        AND c.table_name = g.f_table_name 
        AND c.column_name = g.f_geometry_column)

As always, you should test that before actually doing anything, but probe_geometry_columns() should fix it if you screw it up too badly. I didn't test that code because I've already done:

Third, you can upgrade to PostGIS 2.x, where geometry_columns has become a view, and is thus always current – probe_geometry_columns() no longer exists, nor is it needed.

  • Good it's finally fixed in 2.0, and the workaround should do until then. – krlmlr Nov 30 '12 at 20:55

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