I would like to call a phone number from QGIS using the installed CTI program. The phone number is stored in the feature attributes. My intention is to open the CTI program after using the identify / select features function or using an action on the layer.

E-mail addresses are automatically displayed as hyperlinks in QGIS in the identify / select features function. When clicking on the E-Mail-Adress, my mail program opens. I would like to achieve the same for phone numbers.

I have already tried to create a virtual field containing a hyperlink e.g. <a href="tel:+99 99 999 99">+99 99 999 99</a>. The same i tried in the action settings with open [% "phonenumber" %]


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Using the suggestion of @J.Monticolo from comments, this worked together with my CTI program.

In the actions dialog you just need to set the following code:

"C:/folder/my_CTI.exe" [% "phonenumber" %]

Example of action to call phone number

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