I have a GeoDataFrame with plenty of info, including a 'geometry' column. Some of the rows have no geometry data... I simply don't have it. I decided to leave those rows as 'None' or 'NoneType' in the geometry column. This would be a representation of my GeoDataFrame:

   person  job         geometry
1  bob     Musician    POINT(1234.1234123 1234123.234)
2  john    Accountant  None
3  Sandra  Banker      POINT(234234.2343 23423.234)

I have tried with this:

engine = db.create_engine('postgresql://{}:{}@{}:5432/{}'.format(user, password, host, database))


But of course, Python complaints:

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_geom'

How can I still upload the GeoDataFrame? I do not want to get rid of those customers without coordinates as they still have valuable info + I could obtain it later in time.

  • This might be useful. You may need to assign empty geometry in you dataframe for the missing geometry. geopandas.org/docs/user_guide/missing_empty.html
    – jbalk
    Sep 3 '21 at 19:28
  • I don't have an environment where I can test it right now, so this answer may not be perfect, but give it a try. Change None of GeodataFrame geometry to Polygon(None) using shapely. from shapely.geometry import Polygon ; gdf.loc[gdf['geometry'].isna(), 'geometry'] = Polygon(None);
    – Urban87
    Sep 8 '21 at 4:41

So thanks to the comments I was able to find an answer. The simplest way to create a 'geometry nonetype' is by creating an empty geometry. This is a representation of what I did:

from shapely.geometry import Point

gdf['geometry'][0] = Point()

That creates an empty geometry value.

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