I developed a react-leaflet application that I deployed on the Google Kubernetes Engine. Its primary purpose is to serve weather information tailored to aviation.

There is a pretty simple node.js/express server distributing some GeoJSON information from my database. Additionally, I’ve got a few other external WMS serviced being displayed.

I've been working with a Python module to convert girded binary data (grib) into a national mosaic radar image. The national mosaic has a fixed lat/long size. I would like to process that mosaic into a raster image to be ingested by leaflet.

I’m most comfortable with JavaScript, have a decent understanding of python, and have worked with Nginx. Having looked at ArcGIS and QGIS I think QGIS fits better into my current abilities.

Is this something I can do with node.js or should I use a more dedicated service like a QGIS/ArcGIS Server to serve the mosaic? If necessary I can render the radar mosaic in smaller tile images.

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    Too open-ended. Either have an individual image as L.ImageOverlay, or slice it into tiles and ingest at a L.TileLayer or L.TileLayer.WMS. Sep 7 at 21:57
  • I think the tileLayer option best suits my needs. I’ve read up on the AppGeo/wms repo which works along side node js and express. I think initially I saw myself rendering each tile individually. Where it probably makes more sense to render the image and chop it into tiles. Sep 9 at 8:06