I'm trying to calculate GPM v6 annual precipitation using the google earth engine. but show this error: Line 11: ee.ImageCollection(...).select(...).filterDate(...).filterBounds(...).clip is not a function

enter image description here

I'm using this code:


var ano_inicial = 2000
var ano_final = 2020
var mes = ee.List.sequence(1,12)
var intervalo = ee.List.sequence(ano_inicial,ano_final)
var inicio =  ee.Date.fromYMD(ano_inicial,1,1);
var fim = ee.Date.fromYMD(ano_final,12,31);

var GPM = ee.ImageCollection('NASA/GPM_L3/IMERG_V06')
var GPM_Anual = ee.ImageCollection.fromImages(
  intervalo.map(function (ano) {
    var annual = GPM.filter(ee.Filter.calendarRange(ano,ano,'year'))
    return annual

  image : GPM_Anual,
  description : 'GPM_annual_2000_2020',
  scale : 1000,
  region : geometry,
  maxPixels : 1e9

what is wrong?

  • Don't clip, you can only clip Images not Image Collections. Either map over the collection and clip everything or just leave it out if it's not completely necessary
    – JonasV
    Sep 10, 2021 at 11:15

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clip is a function you can apply to images only, you are now trying to apply to the entire imageCollection. Instead you need to map over the entire collection (=select individual images) and clip it.

      return img.clip(geometry)



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