I have a table of 3,000+ lease files that I'm trying to join to our parcel layer. Each parcel has 4+ leases associated with it, and I need each to be represented by an actual polygon. When I do a traditional join it joins 1 to 1, so it shows 1 of the 4 leases and the others do not join at all. Is it possible to join 1 parcel to many leases and have each show up as an individual polygon? I'm using Arc 10.1.

Thanks in advance, Matt


use the make query tool in data management.
arcgis resource center says it like this.
I just saw this 1:M tip on arcgis support website.
There does seem to be some other usable information here.
Quick tip to perform 1:Many join

  • Thank you Brad! I'd tried doing a spatial join, but it wouldn't work since only one of the tables was part of a feature class, but the Make Query Tool worked perfectly and just saved me days. Thanks again! – Majape Nov 15 '12 at 18:29

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