I am very new to GIS and have only just started learning ArcGIS Pro. I have some satellite images that I have processed using a program called ACOLITE which outputs a NetCDF file.

I am trying to use the "Make NetCDF Raster Layer" tool in ArcGIS. However, the layer is showing up in the wrong place (the westernmost pixel is placed on the prime meridian and the southernmost pixel is placed on the equator). Under layer properties, it says "Unknown Coordinate System". I was able to view the NetCDF metadata in R and it looks like the projection should be UTM WGS84 Zone 11. So, I tried changing the map's projection to UTM WGS84 Zone 11, but the layer seems to just be shifted into the middle of the zone, still not in the right place.

Screenshot of the file: enter image description here


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