I want to know if it is possible to add the "schema" in "see connection details" I was looking but couldn't find anything.

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  • There's a difference between a schema and a scheme.
    – Vince
  • It is not possible.
    – Jakob
  • All right, thanks for the corrections, I will be more carefull the next time. yesterday


But you can define it when you are loading the table:

enter image description here

  • Thanks KeikkiVesanto, I don´t know how I couldn't find it my self. I though that was the description of the operation and that coudn't change, that's why i didn't test. yesterday
  • That @MarianoRamirez if that answers your question, you can accept the answer. Using the green tick below the voting button. yesterday
  • It's done Heikki*, thanks again, and by the way, nice name, here in my country we don´t have names like yours. yesterday
  • Thanks. No problem. happy to help. yesterday

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