I would like to load a specific category of the default style of a layer. Layer and style are stored in a Postgres database.

The loadDefaultStyle function doesn't take arguments, so I tried this from Python Console:

styles = layer.listStylesInDatabase()
layer.loadNamedStyle(styles[2][0], QgsMapLayer.Labeling)

I also tried variations with named parameter, but can't get it to work. It should be possible according to docs


Here a standalone solution where we first list styles, then make a dict to match style id to style layer name. Then, we retrieve the qgis qml style as a string. We use it in a QgsMapLayerStyle, load the qml to the layer and then refresh the canvas. Done! (PS: tested before answering ;) )

layer = iface.activeLayer()

styles = layer.listStylesInDatabase()
namedStylesToId = dict(zip(styles[2], styles[1]))
my_style_name = 'mydemo1'
qml_content, _ = layer.getStyleFromDatabase(namedStylesToId.get(my_style_name))
lStyle = QgsMapLayerStyle(qml_content)


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