I have a land use raster dataset (GeoTIFF) that I've published on geoserver. I am able to display it using both leaflet and OpenLayers using their respective WMS methods.

What I need to do is to recalculate the land use classes/number of pixels per class, at different zoom levels. I have been researching it, and have realized that I would probably have to use WCS or WPS. But I am unable to find any example, that can help me figure out how to handle these services.

Can anyone guide me on how to integrate these services with OpenLayers or Leaflet?

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    What do you mean exactly by "recalculate the land use classes/number of pixels per class"? Please elaborate. Sep 18 at 15:17
  • I currently created a land-use map with multiple classes for the whole region. So let's say at full scale, the Grassland & shrubland is 82,580.27 & Waterbody is15,648.60 sq. km. But these are the values at the State level. If the user selects a city or district within the state, the values change. How can we dynamically "play around " with these values? Basically, at this stage of the project, I just want to be able to access the pixel values stored within the geotiff...
    – Aneeqa
    Sep 18 at 18:36
  • Clip the raster to the county/municipality/city polygon: read docs.qgis.org/3.16/en/docs/training_manual/processing/… . Then vectorize each clipped raster (see docs.qgis.org/3.16/en/docs/training_manual/complete_analysis/… ) and calculate areas from the resulting vector dataset. Sep 18 at 18:46
  • I know that. I need this done dynamically. On my web application. I am assuming I can do this through WPS or WCS. If yes, can you guide me on how to handle these services?
    – Aneeqa
    Sep 18 at 20:50
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    could be done with WCPS, but AFAIK, GeoServer doesn't support WCPS; you may look at rasdaman
    – nmtoken
    Sep 20 at 7:53

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