I am customising a layout map to print it in PDF with QGIS. I have a Box where i would like to automatically display the coordinates of the center of the map if possible.

How can I do it?

enter image description here

I am guessing I have to edit the following.

enter image description here

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Get them with:

map_get(item_variables('Map 1'),'map_extent_center')

which returns a <geometry: Point>. Then extract x and y values as you like, for example:

'X-Centroid: ' ||
x(centroid(map_get(item_variables('Map 1'),'map_extent')))
|| ' - ' ||
'Y-Centroid: ' ||
y(centroid(map_get(item_variables('Map 1'),'map_extent')))

Replace Map 1 with the name of your map in print layout.

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    Correct. You might need to add a to_dms to help about coordinates formatting maybe.
    – etrimaille
    Sep 20, 2021 at 19:53
  • Could you please explain me how to get this approach? I am trying like: to_dms (x(centroid(map_get(item_variables('Map 1'),'map_extent')))) But it doesnt work. Thanks.
    – Serggg182
    Sep 21, 2021 at 10:24

To get the result in DMS, try this expression construction:

'B: ' ||
to_dms(y(transform(centroid(map_get(item_variables('Map 1'),'map_extent')), map_get(item_variables('Map 1'),'map_crs'), 'EPSG:4326')), 'y' , 2, 'aligned')
|| '\n' ||
'L: ' ||
to_dms(x(transform(centroid(map_get(item_variables('Map 1'),'map_extent')), map_get(item_variables('Map 1'),'map_crs'), 'EPSG:4326')), 'x' , 2, 'aligned')
  • Thanks a lot, it works perfectly and it is exactly what i wanted :)
    – Serggg182
    Sep 24, 2021 at 10:49

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