How do I group my attributes and show total area of districts or number of blocks for each contract?

I tried to use groupby clause in select by attribute tool but it did not work.

I work in ArcGIS Pro. Moreover, I would like to show it on the map with a proper symbology

enter image description here


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Each attribute row in a feature layer represents a geometry(Point, Line, or Polygon). Herewith your concern the districts are associated with multiple contract agreement types. As @PolyGeo shared you can easily get the required outcome using summarize, but that could not be used when you want this for a display.

So, one possible workflow you can follow is to create a multipart feature layer out of the existing unique features(single part).

This can be achieved using the Dissolve Tool in ArcGIS Pro:

Multiple State Names representing Population: enter image description here

Pairwise Dissolve Tool: enter image description here

Resulting Layer enter image description here

Note: This process will create a new layer, and you can use it for symbolizing features accordingly.


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