I am looking to get the lat and lon coordinates for a number of different polygons in a geodataframe. The following code was suggested on another answer but this returns non lat and lon numbers (lon = '-888206.6310457245' lat = '4311591.57901232').

nc_counties['lat'] = (nc_counties.centroid.x)
nc_counties['lon'] = (nc_counties.centroid.y)

I have attempted to use the points_object.x as listed here. I have also tried that method on the shapely object in my geometry column.

nc_counties['lat'] = (nc_counties['geometry'].points_apply.x)

I get error "AttributeError: 'GeoSeries' object has no attribute 'points_apply'" How can I get usable lat and lon coordinates -xx.xxxxx and yy.yyyy that can be used with other programs rather than the longer odd answers of (lon = '-888206.6310457245' lat = '4311591.57901232')?


Your data is in a projected coordinated system, and your coordinates are perfectly normal not "odd" at all.

Just reproject your geodataframe to a geographic CRS, e.g EPSG:4326

nc_counties = nc_counties.to_crs(4326)
nc_counties['lon'] = nc_counties.centroid.x  
nc_counties['lat'] = nc_counties.centroid.y

Note lat = y and lon = x, not the other way around like you had in your code snippet.

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