I have been following the guide in order to import PBF data into a PostGIS database: pgrouting - documentation. I have downloaded the Belgium PBF from Geofabrik and installed all extensions needed into my database.

Then I have successfully completed the pgr_createTopology, pgr_analyzegraph and pgr_analyzeoneway steps in the documentation.

The next step is to the pgr_nodeNetwork function onto the table in order to check if the data is noded correctly. But when executing this step onto my table I keep on getting an error. I execute the function select pgr_nodeNetwork('planet_osm_line', 0.001, 'way', 'osm_id'); with also declaring both the geom and the id column names. The problem isn't solved when I rename both columns to the default names used by the pgr_nodeNetwork function.

NOTICE:  id: way
NOTICE:  the_geom: osm_id
NOTICE:  table_ending: noded
NOTICE:  rows_where: 
NOTICE:  outall: f
NOTICE:  pgr_nodeNetwork('planet_osm_line', 0.001, 'way', 'osm_id', 'noded', '',  f)
NOTICE:  Performing checks, please wait .....
NOTICE:  ERROR: Can NOT determine the srid of the geometry "osm_id" IN table public.planet_osm_line

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Take the hints from the function output and compare with the docs carefully; the function signature is defined as [emphasis mine; slightly reduced to lessen confusion]:

pgr_nodenetwork(edge_table, tolerance, id, the_geom, table_ending, rows_where, outall) RETURNS TEXT

and your progress messages read

NOTICE:  id: way
NOTICE:  the_geom: osm_id

You want to pass in the id column before the geometry column:

SELECT pgr_nodeNetwork('planet_osm_line', 0.001, 'osm_id', 'way');
  • Thanks you for the answer! I did not notice it because in all the previous functions it was the other way around.
    – Stephen
    Oct 2, 2021 at 11:20

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