Using Python v.3.6.8 through Jupyter notebook (in Windows 10), how can I set and use OTB (v.7.3.0)?

I followed the steps described in the official cookbook and other tutorials, however, the result is:

No module named 'otbApplication'

If you have already solved this problem, can you describe the various steps (starting from scratch)?

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Under Windows 10 system, I think you can use Anaconda to build a python3.7 virtual environment, and use otbenv.bat to bind in this environment, open Jupyter Notebook to import otbApplication. E.g: Open the anaconda prompt window of anaconda3,enter as follows:

(base) conda create -n py3.7 python==3.7
(base) conda activate py3.7
(py3.7) conda install numpy
(py3.7) conda install ipykernel
(py3.7) conda deactivate
(base) conda install nb_conda_kernels

(base) conda activate py3.7
(py3.7) C:\OTB-8.0.1-Win64\otbenv.bat
(py3.7) python
>>> import os
>>> import otbApplication as otb

Below is my specific solution,but written in Chinese:

[Bind OTB to python3 under Windows system]



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