I'm looking for a script or plugin to merge lines that are touching in a dataset. There are thousands of features so it would be time and labor intensive to try to give each connected set of lines a common ID or to manually merge each "set" of lines.

I tried the following script:

    lines as a
left join
    lines as b
    st_touches(a.geom, b.geom)
group by
    st_touches(a.geom, b.geom)

Which definitely consolidated some of the segments (6k segments down to ~2k), but it didn't entirely merge all touching segments. Any suggestions for how to address this? I saw there used to be a QGIS plugin for merging multiple lines like this, but it seems like it's for an older version (I'm on 3.16)

I found a similar question (here) that says try st_snaptogrid, which i added as an "update" statement at the beginning of my query. This further reduced the features, but only by 100 or so, and when I tried to do the query in QGIS to test if the touching features were actually joined, I got an error. I know that there should be 200-300 features, so I have a feeeling that st_snaptogrid only fixed a handful of segments.



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