I have data originating from a central registry for drilling wells. Each well may have a date attached to it and I want to create a layer which differentiates wells drilled by a certain year. Problem is the data are stored in a String format and it can look like yyyy or yyyymm or yyyymmdd or null.

So how can I create a function that takes the 4 leftmost characters if any and convert into a number like To_integer(Left4(MyValue)) so I can filter it out by those older than a certain year?


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Such a function already exists with QGIS expressions: left( 'yourstring' , 4) returns 'your'. Use it with Field calculator.

Use to_int(left( 'yourstring' , 4) to convert to an integer: to_int(left ('2021-10-04', 4)) returns: 2021 as integer.

You could also use to_date to format your string as date: to_date(left ('2021-10-04', 4),'yyyy') returns 2021-01-01 in date format. To retrieve the year, use year: year (to_date(left ('2021-10-04', 4),'yyyy')) returns 2021.

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