I'm trying to construct a bathymetry point map on GEE, and I want to import a CSV that contains bathymetry data. The CSV that I'm about to import to GEE has the following columns: Latitude, Longitude and Depth.

I uploaded my data: enter image description here

And I set the advanced settings as the following: enter image description here

However, whenever I try to import the data, the following message shows up: enter image description here

the lat and lon becomes a floating point value, and the depth becomes 256 in all the rows. In addition, there is an additional column added to the table.

I cannot use this data for my analysis, and I would like to ask if anyone could help!

The CSV can be accessed from the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cY86-r84u2OPfoKkO5ODBXfbosRamrGV/view?usp=sharing


The first line of your file has some UTF junk in it:


Remove that first character and it should work fine.

  • Thank you s much! it worked fine :)
    – Joji
    Oct 8 '21 at 0:01

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