I've developed a converter for spatial data which currently runs on Windows and Linux in Python3. On Windows I need to exchange the given sqlite3.dll for the original one from the SQLite website, for the converter needs the rtree module. Now I need to get the converter running on MacOS (to which I'm quite new).

I have installed the MacOs-Python3-package from python.org, and via homebrew added GDAL and SpatiaLite. But Python3 and its SQLite installation seems to lack a couple of needed capabilities - so I can't even load the spatialite-module, as Python keeps telling me that some capabilities are lacking...

Can anybody tell me how to set up the environment on MacOS?

I followed the instructions given in the article - if I enter "sqlite3" at the command prompt the correct version (3.36.something) is given. But after starting my python3 script I still get the error-message:

AttributeError: 'sqlite3.Connection' object has no attribute 'enable_load_extension'

So, what can I do to make python recognize the new SQLite-version.

I again fiddled around a bit - with still no success. What I've tried so far: I removed al python3 installations; installed SQLite 3 following the instructions - SQLite3 tells me that loading modules is enabled; I installed libspatialite via homebrew; I then installed python3 via homebrew - this all results in the same AttributeError telling me that SQLite is not able to load extension. So I guess python still points to the original SQLite3 version. Is there a way to make python point to the correct version?



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