I have a simple OL-based map with the default EPSG:3857 projection and an interaction which lets me draw a LineString on the map. Then, I have an event listener registered on the VectorSource, which listens to addfeature events i.e. when the interaction ends by double-click, the addfeature event is fired. Here, in the addfeature callback, I want to transform the geometry of the LineString to EPSG:4326 and send the transformed coordinates to an external API which only accepts coordinates with this projection.

However, each time I attempt to transform the coordinates, the drawn LineString disappears from the map. Here's the problematic part in the code:

source.on('addfeature', function (evt) {
    const {feature} = evt;
    const featureGeometry = feature.getGeometry();

function addFeatureCallback(geometry) {
    geometry.transform('EPSG:3857', 'EPSG:4326'); // <-- this removes my drawn feature from the map. If I remove this line, the drawn LineString remains.
    const coords = geometry.getCoordinates();

I tried creating a new variable that references the geometry param from addFeatureCallback and calling the transform method unto it, but the problem still remains and the drawn line disappears. Is there a way to transform the feature geometry to another projection without it removing the LineString from the map? As a workaround, I could set the default projection in OL to be EPSG:4326, however, this breaks other parts of my project and I would really like to avoid doing that.

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I found the solution. The problem was that I was modifying the geometry in place. Instead of that, now I first clone() then do the transform.

Answer here helped - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36134974/transforming-coordinates-of-feature-in-openlayers

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