I'm working with QGIS 3.16 Hannover. I have a point layer and I want to create a new line layer with features derived from the first one, using the following code

 -- using an array of points placed around the original
-- list of angles for placing the projected points (every 90°)
array:=generate_series( 0, 360, 90 ),
-- translate the point 20 units in the given direction (angle)
expression:=project( $geometry, distance:=20, azimuth:=radians( @element ) )

How can it be done?


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Simply add a new symbol layer / Geometry Generator / Linestring and paste your expression. This is for visualization only. To get actual geoemtries, use Geometry by expression (see here for the differences).

enter image description here

  • That "Geometry by expression" is what I needed and it was simply in the toolbox.
    – jpinilla
    Commented Oct 12, 2021 at 14:47

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