I am in the process of switching from MapInfo to QGIS.

I have a stack of historic map tiles in .tif with accompanying .tfw files. These help place the tif into it’s true spatial location. For each tif and tfw I also have a separate tab file that brings the tiff and tfw together. On top of that I have a seamless tab files that opens all the tab files together in one (so that users do not need to open each tab file separately).

I need to replicate all this in QGIS. How do bring in the tif into QGIS and associate it it to it corresponding tfw? (I know how to bring a tif in, but not how to link it to the tfw). In addition does QGIS have the equivalent of a MapInfo seamless tab file to open all the files together in one transaction?


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Normally, QGIS will automatically find .tfw and draw the raster on its correct coordinates. If not, you need to search for the tool assign projection. Then set the raster to your desired coordinate system. good luck.

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