I need to pass some data stored at the census tract level in Toronto to dissemination areas. When I run the Areal Weighted Interpolation package (code below), I get an invalid topology error (see below the code). Has anyone encounter this issue with the Canadian census boundary files? Any ideas how to fix it?


Toronto_DA_pop <- aw_interpolate(Toronto_DA, tid = DAUID, source = Toronto_CT_pop, sid = CTUID, weight = "sum", output = "tibble", extensive = c("population, population_50"))


Evaluation error: TopologyException: Input geom 1 is invalid: Ring Self-intersection at or near point 4012552.0600000001 1988270.4571450001 at 4012552.0600000001 1988270.4571450001.


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Thanks to all

I did fixed it with QGIS, but a more streamlined solution was to simply write in R:

Toronto_DA_fixed = st_make_valid(Toronto_DA)

You could try using the Fix Geometries processing tool in QGIS. Before running it - verify the geometry errors with menu Vector>Geometry Tools>Check Validity. Then if it picks up errors run the Fix Geometries.

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