In QGIS, I want smooth a shapefile/vector's vertices.

I can use QGIS/processing_toolbox/smooth.

If I want to programmingly achieve this using osgeo/ogr/gdal, which function should I use?

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Yes, it is absolutely possible using GDAL/OGR through ogr2ogr by using -simplify option. You should pass a <tolerance> value as it is described on their website.

Another way is to use osgeo.ogr.Geometry.Buffer(self, *args, **kwargs) on which supports arguments to control distance and number of segments.

If your shapes are polylines you can use shapely->parallel_offset as well. which has a round option. Good Luck.

  • Smoothing is not the same as simplify. The tool description begins "Smooth This algorithm smooths the geometries in a line or polygon layer. It creates a new layer with the same features as the ones in the input layer, but with geometries containing a higher number of vertices and corners in the geometries smoothed out."
    – user30184
    Oct 19, 2021 at 13:57

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