I am using the Leaflet Vector Grid Plugin to load a geojson innto my Leaflet project. But I can't figure out how to implement a popup and style the data by attributes.

I load up the data with following command:


How can I implement my functions for the style:

 function Kategorie(feature, latlng) {
        switch(feature.properties["categorie"]) {
            case "1":
                var Icon1 = new L.icon({
                    iconUrl: 'icons/1.png',
                    iconSize:     [15, 15], 
                    iconAnchor:   [5, 5], 
                    popupAnchor:  [10, 10] o
                return L.marker(latlng, {icon: Icon1});

and the function of the pop up:

  function popupcontent(feature, layer) {

                var popUp = "<h2>"+feature.properties.Name+"</h2>"  ;


I already studied the documentation of the plugin but I just don't get it.

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You need to define a style function, as you did named Kategorie, for vectorTileLayerStyles option, use the getFeatureId function to get the id of each feature, and set interactive : true. The code below will guide you through the steps. Good luck.

var Kategorie = function (properties, zoom) {
... // as you have done above

var style = {
          rendererFactory: L.svg.tile, // L.canvas.tile
          vectorTileLayerStyles: {
            sliced: Kategorie
          interactive: true,
          getFeatureId: function (f) {
          return f.properties['EventID'] // look for a unique ID in your data

Then get a control name for the vectorlayer rather than only adding it.

vectorgrid = L.vectorGrid.slicer(data, style) // data is parsed GeoJSON

Then add an on click function:

      vectorgrid.on('click', function (e) {
      var properties = e.layer.properties
      var popUpText = Object.entries(properties)
        .map(function ([key, val]) {
          return `${key}: ${val}`

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