I'm just starting to use the Report-Feature in QGIS 3.20, with which I want to combine both single maps and altas-like mapsets in one step.

In the Atlas-Layout-Feature, I am able to use functions like @atlas_pagename, @atlas_featurenumber etc, which I used a lot for customizing each atlas page, for example:

WHEN (@atlas_totalfeatures)='7'
THEN '2020'
WHEN (@atlas_totalfeatures)='8'
THEN '2021'
WHEN (@atlas_totalfeatures)='9'
THEN '2022'


WHEN @atlas_pagename = '2019'
THEN 'Januar - April '
WHEN  @atlas_pagename = '2020'
THEN 'November 2019 - März'

In the Report-Layout-Feature, I can't find anything corresponding to that functionality. Is it possible to achieve the same functionality?

  • And as an extra-question: Is there a preview-function existing in the Report-Layout-Feature?

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For the test i have done to do report you can use the same variable the variable name stay the one used for atlas. At least i'm sure it work for @atlas_feature in a report.

I think it should work the same for :

  • @atlas_featurenumber
  • @atlas_pagename
  • @atlas_totalfeatures

But you may pay attention : atlas_featurenumber and atlas_totalfeatures output number so it could not work well if you try to compare with a text (like in your example : (@atlas_totalfeatures)='7')

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