I'm getting familiar with Open Data Cube and its process to index EO data from different sources but I could not find any example of indexing products/datasets created by algorithms (i.e. running in Jupiter notebooks). Is there a proper way to do that or it is something I'm not supposed to do with ODC?


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This is an important question, and the short answer is that it's a really good idea, but it's not done a lot.

The normal practice for the Open Data Cube is to develop analyses in Python code in a notebook and if that analysis becomes a product, it will be re-developed a little into a data production pipeline of some description.

Two examples common in Digital Earth Australia and Digital Earth Africa are Datacube Alchemist and Statistician.

Another alternative is to develop your own metadata that goes along with the data you're producing. I like doing this using Rio STAC, just make sure to include the Projection extension.

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    Thank you, Alex. Indeed I intend to build prototypes through Jupiter notebooks and then move them to a more production-ready environment. Datacube Alchemist seems very close to what I was looking for and I'll have a deeper look, thanks a lot!
    – giob12
    Dec 5, 2021 at 11:52

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