This is more of a FYI than a question... I'm running SCP (semi automatic classification) 7.10.4 plugin to QGIS 3.16.7 under Windows. I struggled quite a bit with the following roadblock:

  1. Create a band set, successfully
  2. Attempt to save a training input set and get the following message: Information [4]: Select a raster; raster is not loaded

I spent a few hours trying to figure this one out. I did get it to work once, so I knew it wasn't my installation. I finally came to the conclusion that SCP was having issues with my imagery, which was 3 band visible transformed into Lab colour space (3 bands). This imagery contains negative values and 'weird' ranges. When looking at the stats, GQIS can't make sense of the data either, so I'm going to transform the values. In my investigations, I was able to get the SCP to handle:

  1. 3 band imagery (some classification methods are appropriate)
  2. floating point imagery (makes sense, most reflectance would be float)
  3. other 'drone' multispectral imagery (4-6 bands).

I just wanted to pass this on to perhaps save someone else some time?

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First select the target raster(s) in the bandset and go-ahead.

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