I have a wastewater pipeline and a manhole layer. The current pipe layer is made of several lines between manholes (for example at every house connection, with no manhole at these locations). I want to have only one line between every manholes.

My workflow is:

  1. "buffer": to create a buffer around manholes
  2. "difference": difference between buffer and pipeline
  3. extract vertices and select only the ones near the buffer

These three actions prepare the ground to use the algorithm "service area (from layer)", to have lines between every manholes.

My main concern is about intersections (this is why I don't simply dissolve my pipeline layer). When there is no vertices at intersection (as picture 1), the service area is working well. But if there is a vertex exactly at the intersection (as picture 2), the service area is merging both lines.

Is there a trick to avoid this issue?

 Service area is working because no vertices at intersection

Service area is not working because there are vertices at intersection

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