I have a Sentinel2 based product with the following product definition. It has 2 bands in it

name: product_name
description: Product Name
metadata_type: eo3

        name: 'product_name'

    - name: 'name_of_band'
      aliases: [band_1, name_of_band]
      dtype: uint8
      nodata: 0
      units: '1'
    - name: 'name_of_band2'
      aliases: [band_2, name_of_band2]
      dtype: uint8
      nodata: 0
      units: '1'

I am trying to index a dataset in it and for COG conversion as well as metadata yaml generation, I am using the following link - https://eodatasets.readthedocs.io/en/latest/#assemble-a-dataset-package

Here, I am writing the write_measurement line twice, like this

p.write_measurement("name_of_band", name_of_band_path)
p.write_measurement("name_of_band2", name_of_band2_path)

It throws the following error: NotImplementedError: TODO: Multi-band images not currently implemented (have 2)

I have seen similar kinds of product definitions with multiple bands here - https://github.com/opendatacube/datacube-dataset-config/tree/main/products, but can't quite find the way to write multiple measurements to a dataset yaml for indexing.

The above code works fine for single-band images, but not for multiband. How can I fix that?

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This was not supported yet, as none of our own datasets came with multiple bands. I've added it in eodatasets>=0.23.

An index param is now available for reading measurements:

p.write_measurement("name_of_band", name_of_band_path, index=2)

Let me know if there are any issues.

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