I am using the great lidR package and want to check all points classified as ground which are not the last returns.

How would I do that?

Something like this would this would be logic for me but its not working:

ground <- filter_ground(las)

ground_nolast <- !filter_last(ground)
ground_nolast <- filter_poi(ground, ReturnNumber != -1L)

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The definition of "last" is ambiguous. The last returns include (1) the last in a sequence of many and (2) the first in a sequence of one. If you want to remove (1) + (2)

ground_nolast <- filter_poi(ground, ReturnNumber != NumberOfReturn)

But you won't have a lot of point I guess because it removes all first returns. If you want only (1)

ground_nolast <- filter_poi(ground, ReturnNumber != NumberOfReturns | NumberOfReturns == 1L)

Of course for this to work ReturnNumber and NumberOfReturns must be properly populated and you should check your data with las_check() first.

  • Thanks for your ultra fast response! This is exactly what I was looking for. Nov 2, 2021 at 9:48

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