I would like to label my grids in QGIS. I know the Printing Layout option presented i.e. here


but yet as the layer. I want them as presented in the image below:

enter image description here

I found some hints here:

Adding labels to grid lines in QGIS

but they didn't helped me.

I would like to know what placement or rendering options should be applied for this purpose.

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You can do this:

  1. Set up a rule based label with two rules. As filter set for the first one: x_min($geometry) = x_min(layer_property(@layer,'extent')) and for the second one: y_max($geometry) =y_max(layer_property(@layer,'extent'))
  2. Set up a custom Placement -> Geometry Generator. Enter this expression for the first rule: make_point(x_min($geometry)-bounds_width($geometry)/2,y($geometry)) and this for the second rule: make_point(x($geometry),y_max($geometry)+bounds_width($geometry)/2)
  3. Result: enter image description here
  4. A settings-example: enter image description here

Adjust the placement if needed a little.

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