I need to convert a GeoTIFF image to PNG format with "NoData" pixels in the original image being transparent in the output.

Is there any tool particularly in ArcGIS ArcToolbox or GDAL for this purpose?

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In Windows:

for %i in (*.tif) do gdal_translate -of GTIFF -a_nodata 0 %i %~new_ndata.tif
for %i in (*.tif) do gdal_translate -of PNG -scale -co worldfile=yes %i %~cnvt.png

In bash:

for i in *.tif; do gdal_translate -of GTIFF -a_nodata 0 $i $i~new_ndata.tif; done; for i in *~new_ndata.tif; do gdal_translate -of PNG -scale -co worldfile=no $i $i~cnvt.png; done;


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