I am new to this software so was following an online tutorial to create a very simple form with an open source base map. QGIS version 3.22.0-Białowieża. QField Sync v. 3.4.4. I copied all the files over to my Android tablet (v. 5.1.1) and when I open the project, QField (v. 1.10.0) just closes. There are no error message, it just states that the software has stopped. The demo projects open ok so QField is working ok. I have taken out the base map in case that is the issue but the project still won't load.

Is it my Android version or something else causing this?


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Is your QGis project a *.qgs project and not *.qgz? enter image description here

  • As of 2023, this information (.qgs incompatibility) is definitely outdated. I am frequently working in QField with .qgz projects, e.g. when working around this issue. Still might be worth a try converting .qgz to .qgs, if you're experiencing issues in QField. However .qgz is just a zipped form of the XML-like textfile .qgs + it's style-database (which was introduced somewhere around QGIS 3.20, I think).
    – Honeybear
    Nov 9, 2023 at 8:26

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