I'm fairly novice in using gis. I have been using QGIS for a couple of weeks now, mostly for data collection in my research project. Currently, I'm trying to plot these points,

enter image description here

in a graph similar to this one (but in kilometers),

enter image description here

I have extracted the coordinate values provided by the CRS WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator (EPSG:3857)(default projection when using OSM), but I cannot figure out what they represent. I would guess that it's the distance from equator and greenwhich but when I compute these distances myself the result is off by hundreds km along the x axis (actual distance 414,18 km) and thousand km along the y axis (actual distance 5625,06 km).

enter image description here

Now, there is two options. Either the projection distorts the distance between points around the globe by a really large amount or the axis used are not lat_0=0 and long_0=0.

Which one is it then,or is there something else that I'm missing ?


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