I want to create buffers for every health facility, but they end up overlapping.

How can I create buffers that split equally between the distance of 2 health facilities?

Example of the result wanted in the screenshot:

no overlaps buffers


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You can use "Voronoi Polygons", "Buffer" and "Clip" tools, respectively (or "Buffer" > "Voronoi Polygons" > "Clip").

Step 1. "Voronoi Polygons" (You should try different values for Buffer region, it depends on the buffer distance you used)

enter image description here

Step 2. "Buffer"

enter image description here

Step 3. "Clip" (use "Voronoi Polygons" for Input layer, "Buffers" for Overlay layer):

enter image description here

  1. Buffer the points
  2. Voronoi the points with "buffer region..:" 500 % (whatever percentage large enough to include the buffers)
  3. Intersect buffers with voronois
  4. Extract by location the intersections intersecting the points

enter image description here


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