I have a folder which contains DEM in .hgt. I want to convert them via GDAL. So to convert a single file, it's gdal_translate -of 'GTiff' N16E122.hgt N16E122.tif. To do it in Powershell, I figured it's something like a for-loop which contains the GDAL command but parameterized.

I tried this based on this comment https://stackoverflow.com/a/18847285/12779978

$files = Get-ChildItem "C:\Users\me\Desktop\New folder"
foreach ($f in $files){
    $outfile = $f.FullName + ".tif"
    Get-Content $f.FullName | gdal_translate -of GTiff *.hgt $f.tif | Set-Content $outfile

The command returns 4 FAILURE: No target dataset specified. errors and the result is a .hgt.tif file for each of the input file like N16E122.hgt.tif. I've tried numerous combinations for the $outfile variable and the GDAL dst_dataset parameter but nothing works.

enter image description here

enter image description here


Solved. The .tif files are loading properly in QGIS.

$files = Get-ChildItem .
foreach ($f in $files){
$path = "C:\Users\Me\Desktop\New folder\"
$infile = $f.FullName
$outfile = $path + $f.BaseName + ".tif"
Get-Content $f.FullName | gdal_translate -of GTiff $infile $outfile

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