I have a GeoTIFF that contains the LandFIRE vegetation data for a particular county. I also have the shapefile for parcel data in the same county. My goal is simply to associate the LandFIRE vegetation data with the individual parcels, with the boundary lines as the parameters. Ideally, I would link the two layers such that a new layer would be created that contains the vegetation data within each parcel. Then I could export vegetation data for any given parcel into the format I need (CSV).

I know I could manually do this by "clip raster by mask layer", but is there a way to do this for the entirety of the layer, without having to manually select each parcel? Using CAD terms, I would "explode" the parcel data such that each parcel is "made unique", then do some sort of batch process that would make it's way through each parcel.

I'm curious if there are any plugins that would allow me to do this without actually changing any data? I'm looking into spatial queries and indexing, but don't want to invest too much time if that is a dead end.

It does not matter whether this is done prior to QGIS, in QGIS, or after QGIS (such as a VLOOKUP in Excel, if data were in CSV format).

If the following photos do not have an associated label, I'll list them here:

  1. Vegetation layer
  2. Parcel layer
  3. Parcel layer over vegetation layer
  4. Need the vegetation data within the selected parcel, for every parcel...

Vegetation layer

Parcel boundary layer

Parcels over vegetation

Need vegetation data within selected feature, for every parcel

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