Is it possible to reduce a raster to hold just 1 or 0 values with gdal? I find no data formats less than "Byte" in the documention

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GeoTIFF with NBITS=1 is binary even the datatype is Byte https://gdal.org/drivers/raster/gtiff.html. I do not know the internal structure of such TIFF but together with the CCITT Group 4 compression that is designed long time ago for fax machines it yields very small file size.


gdal_translate -of GTiff -co NBITS=1 -co compress=CCITTFAX4 input.tif output.tif
  • I recommend NOT blindly using that compression. For a random 1 bit noise image I made it did increase the file size by double compared to just using NBITS=1 alone. Sep 7 at 17:37
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    Add -ot Byte to avoid errors: NBITS is not supported for data type Int32 and Fax3SetupState:Bits/sample must be 1 for Group 3/4 encoding/decoding Oct 18 at 13:17

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